Avoid fire and burglary risks by deploying European made and certified safes, cabinets, and vault doors.

Secure your valuable documents in European made and certified fireproof cabinets.

Deploy high quality elegant fireproof cabinets to secure your valuable documents. The fireproof cabinets are built with a light composite material and can fit more documents in the same space and offer better mobility in offices. All fireproof cabinets are manufactured in Europe with ECS certifications.

Secure documents, cash and other valuable items in European made and certified safes.

Protect your cash, sensitive documents and gold from burglary, water, and fire by storing them in quality safes. Meet your specific needs using one or two door safes that come in multiple sizes. All safes are manufactured in Europe with ECS certifications.

Keep unauthorized persons out of your vault room by installing European and certified vault doors.

Install vault doors with built-in emergency windows to add more space in your vault room and keep cash and other valuable assets safe. Vault doors are manufactured in Europe with a special material composite to prevent advanced intrusion tools. All locks and keys are manufactured to the highest European standard to prevent tampering and coping.

Secure your customers’ belongings in European made customer deposit lockers

Retain customers and earn extra revenue by renting out deposit lockers to your customers. The deposit lockers come in multiple sizes in order to meet your customers’ needs. You may deploy or move modular safe deposit lockers across your sites according to each site space and requirements. Install central software to manage and monitor cell leasing status and clients. All customer safe deposit lockers are manufactured in Europe to the finest standards.

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