Reduce operational costs and keep customers happy by automating the customer service processes.

Retain your customers and gain visibility on your public service activities by implementing an All-in-One customer service system.

Implement All-in-One customer service system to streamline your public services including: QMS, digital signage, customer feedback, mobile ticking, analytics, and reporting. Analyze and report the services in your sites and monitor their working status from central management software. The TG Next’s software modules are easy to install and configure since they only need a kiosk with a built-in PC

Increase customer interactions and save resources by installing an omini-channel contact center platform.

Offer your customers more than voice and face to face channels to serve them. Customers can interact with you using their preferred communication channels including chat, virtual assistant, email, and social media. Monitor and improve performance via reporting, analytics, KPIs and dashboards.

Secure, access and automate your documents and other content faster by implementing a simple and affordable content management system.

Convert your physical documents to e-documents and automatically perform indexing. Secure your documents and other digital contents in a centralized system for easy retrieval. Automate the review and approval processes by using a workflow engine. Manage and track content usage and updates.

Improve collaboration and provide quality services by implementing e-forms and automating businesses’ processes.

Create dynamic online forms to capture and submit data from anywhere you like. Build and customize forms quickly and easily with no coding required. Complete approval processes with an electronic signature to increase speed to decision. Facilitate the input of employees and customers at any time from anywhere. Enable your salesforce to collaborate and share knowledge with other team members to qualify sales opportunities and shorten their sales cycles.

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