Apply innovative cybersecurity and ICT solutions to modernize and protect your network, servers, storage, and data at a lower cost.

Protect your datacenter and edge networks from evolving cyber threats by deploying an advanced cybersecurity gateway.

Install gateway engines built on deep packet firewall technology to keep malware, intrusion, ransomware, and other advanced attacks out of your datacenter. Add a deep packet inspection firewall to your existing stateful or application firewall technology and achieve effective multilayer protection. Gateway engines with unprecedented performance cover-DPI firewall, IPS, VPN (site to site or client to site), antivirus gateway, application control, web filtering, HTTP(s) content scanning, email security and web server protection

Keep cyber criminals out of your servers and storage while complying with regulatory standards by installing specialized cybersecurity software.

A typical endpoint security is not enough to protect your servers and storage from today’s cyber threats and achieve visibility. Apply a consolidated approach to detect, protect and respond to modern threats using all the security tools that your servers and operating systems need. These tools will assist with keeping your business in compliance with industry security standards such as PC-DDS, HIPPA and others. The consolidated tools from Trend Micro cover Firewall, Intrusion Prevention, Vulnerability Scanning, Application Control, Integrity Monitory, EDR, Log Inspection, Anti-Malware, Behavioral Analysis and Machine Learning Virtual Patching and Sandbox Analytics.

Protect your datacenter’s contents by using the world’s top backup and disaster recovery platform.

The data protection solution provides your business with everything it needs to protect your datacenter’s contents, including backup, archiving, replication, disaster recovery and built-in ransomware protection, all using a single platform. Commvault is compatible l with most operating systems and databases on the market and is comprehensive enough to cover your current and future requirements in a single platform.

Modernize and simplify your IT infrastructure by adopting a hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) solution.

The HCI consolidates computer, SAN and storage functionality into modular appliances that are based on commodity x86 hardware. Since the HCI reduces moving parts, hardware issues and operational expenses are lessened. This hardware can be scaled out by adding additional appliance nodes. Hyperconverged architecture is software-defined. This allows you to integrate with public clouds and other virtualization and manage all dispersed appliances from a single interface.

Achieve high availability power protection with a modular UPS system.

Deploy highly available and scalable 3/3 or 3/1 phase modular UPS solutions to protect your datacenter systems from power fluctuations while reducing initial and operational costs. Modular UPS systems provide full redundancy with minimal hardware and flexibility to expand.

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