Advanced Protection

Deploy TG8’s advanced technology such as Deep Packet Inspection Firewall, Firewall Session Intelligence, Machine Learning and Threat Intelligence to protect your business from SSL/TLS encrypted attacks, fragmented attacks, ransomware attacks, DoS/DDoS attacks and Phishing Attacks.

Low Initial Investment

TG8’s parallel processing and multithreaded technology meets your large-scale installation needs while using minimal hardware specifications. In addition to its appliances, TG8’s engines are optimized to run on normal server/PC CPUs. There is no need for proprietary CPUs or chipsets in order to benefit from advanced protection with high performance. This reduces the cost of your initial investment compared to other technologies on the market.

Low Cost of Ownership

TG8’s All in One Bundle allows multiple TG8 engines to run on one device without losing performance or security functionality. TG8 offers flexible licensing to meet your specific business needs and expansion is possible using existing TG8 devices. In addition to that, TG8 features licensing on-demand activation to activate the license when needed. As a result, TG8 has kept the cost of ownership for your cybersecurity gateways at a minimum.

Simplified Configuration & Management

TG8 comes with a graphical interface and easy to use configuration. Training on how to configure and manage TG8’s engines is quite simple compared to other technology in the market. Any cybersecurity engineer with experience in network security can quickly learn to configure and support TG8’s engines. The TG8 Analytics and Reporting Module gives you visibility across your network and allows you to trace the root cause of incidents. The TG8 Central Manager enables you to monitor, manage and update multiple TG8 devices from one principal device.


TG8 integrates with most top vendors out of the box via its APIs. It’s also capable of integration with other cybersecurity components. This would enable you to utilize other existing or preferred cybersecurity technology alongside TG8's engines. You can integrate TG8’s engines with your existing or preferred threat intelligence, Sandboxing, SIEM, etc. In many cases, a TG8 device can be used as a redundant back-up to any similar technology without activating the license until you need it.

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