Benefit from All-in-One Powerful Engines to Protect your Servers and Applications

Protect your servers and applications by using powerful TG8 engines running on the same device. TG8 is the only All in One Bundle that can provide you with complete cybersecurity gateway solutions without compromising performance.

Simplify Network Security Management

Manage and update your TG8 devices from your main coms center saving both resources and time. The TG8 Central Management Suite gives you the needed tools to remotely manage and monitor your TG8 devices at all your sites.

Reduce the Cost of Ownership on your Cybersecurity Gateways

TG8 offers the least expensive, yet highest performing advanced gateway solutions on the market. TG8 Engines can be run on the same devices, using minimal hardware with no loss of cybersecurity performance. The TG8 flexible licensing program and our simple maintenance will save you time and resource allocation over the years.

Secure your Site Connections at Maximum Speed

Secure the traffic between your sites by deploying the TG8 VPN Engine. This engine provides your sites with the fastest and most reliable WAN connections on the market while ensuring your data remains confidential in transit.

Protect Your SCADA from Network Attacks

The TG8 IPS Engine comes with special signatures to protect your SCADA platform from network based attacks targeted at your SCADA operations.

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