Deploy highly available and scalable 3/3 or 3/1 phase modular UPS solutions to protect your mission critical systems from power fluctuations while reducing initial and operational costs.

Provide high availability at low cost

Achieve high availability with a modular system without needing to buy an additional complete system to work in parallel. In a traditional standalone system, you need two 30kva units in order to maintain redundancy for your datacenter with a load of 30kva. This requires the costly purchase of 2x30kva UPS systems with their batteries. With the modular system, you need to buy only 40kva to achieve redundancy saving you from purchasing an additional 20kva and their batteries. These modular systems come in 10kva units, and the backbone is redundant.

Expand your existing UPS system and retain your investment

Install your modular system in a regular server cabinet and add more units as needed in order to meet your datacenter’s IT infrastructure requirements. Add additional units in the future to your existing system without disturbing the datacenter’s operation. Single modular systems can be expanded up to 100kva.

Save space and reduce operating expenses

Let our technicians assemble your modular units with their batteries in your regular server cabinet, saving room in your datacenter for other equipment. Reduce your electric and cooling expenses since you need a smaller UPS to accomplish high availability with our modular systems.

Reduce your maintenance costs and maximize your operation’s uptimes

In a modular setup, all modules are hot-swappable, work in parallel and are redundant. Adding or replacing a defective unit requires no UPS downtime. All UPS units are connected to a controller and main 10” touch panel allowing a high degree of comfort during configuration and diagnosis. Additionally, each UPS unit can be controlled and monitored separately using an independent LCD. This ensures high reliability, flexibility, and ease of maintenance.

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