Protect your IT hardware, and data and reduce downtime by deploying single or three phase UPS systems that best meet your needs and adhere to European quality standards.

Deploy the latest technology in standalone UPS systems.

Extend the life of your standalone UPS systems and internal batteries by deploying the highest input range UPS systems on the market. Reflect the actual load that the UPS will protect by investing in a UPS with a full power factor. The built-in auto-restart feature ensures that the UPS will be back on after the power is restored. You can configure your UPS as a single in-single out and migrate to a three-phase with no change of equipment. No matter your need, the PowerWalker UPS can handle the job.

Save space and improve mobility with compact tower UPS systems.

The PowerWalker UPS systems are produced in a compact tower-based case using improved electric components. The batteries are installed inside the case so that the whole system can be installed in tight places like ATMs and reduce the cost of delivery.

Save money and time on preventive maintenance and reduce downtime

Use our advanced UPS management software to monitor your UPS systems in real time and proactively manage them in your network environment. Receive alerts for device availability and component faults. Store data about the UPS in a local database and schedule system and battery tests. Communicate with the UPS, record events, notify users on events, and execute configuration commands.

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