The data protection solution provides your business with everything it needs to protect your data, including backup, archiving, replication, disaster recovery and built-in ransomware protection, all using a single platform.

Adopt a comprehensive backup solution using a single platform.

Protect your data using a single, powerful backup software solution– wherever your data lives.  Whether your business uses multi-clouds, dispersed virtual machines, different applications and databases or endpoint devices, you are covered while using a single backup and DR platform.   

Be prepared for disasters by implementing a solution that facilitates recovery.

Be prepared for the inevitable disaster - whether it be natural, data breaches, a hardware failure or ransomware by having a good disaster recovery plan in place. The key to a good DR plan is to understand the differing value of your data and the cost and requirements of any service level agreements that might be unique to your business. Commvault’s easy-to-use solution will allow you to address these issues along with the differing recovery times required for your data. It is a single solution that will allow you to recover your important data, no matter where it is archived.

Simplify your data protection and avoid costly downtime.

Manage the entire process of data backup and restoration from a single piece of centralized software. It’s a web-based interface that unifies tools with various possibilities for automation. It’s easy to learn, easy to implement and easy-to-use. Give your backup and restore procedures a controlled foundation for self-service, helping to reduce the load on your admins and IT support staff.

Protect your data from ransomware attacks.

The main objective of ransomware attacks is to encrypt your data regardless of where it resides whether it be in process of being backed up or at rest. The security techniques inherent in the backup solution are designed to prevent such attacks. It provides end-to-end data encryption, while at rest or in transit. The techniques provide ransomware protection including anomaly detection and reporting. In addition to that, they securely scan replicas at the DR site to ensure your data is safe.

Deploy a data protection solution that is compatible with all known hardware and software.

The CommVault Data Protection platform supports all major vendors allowing you to optimize and protect your data located in different sites, stored in multiple databases, processed with different applications, or hosted on a different hardware platform. Deploy any suitable storage option including disk libraries, tape libraries, cloud storage, (NAS), converged and hyperconverged infrastructure.

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