Meet the requirements of your datacenter by reducing hardware cost, simplifying management, achieving scalability, or creating mobility by adopting the right server, storage and networking architecture.

Reduce the cost of your network framework and upgrade your business performance by deploying hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI)

The HCI consolidates computer, SAN and storage functionality into modular appliances that are based on commodity x86 hardware.  Since the HCI reduces moving parts, hardware issues and operational expenses are lessened. This hardware can be scaled out by adding additional appliance nodes. Hyperconverged architecture is software-defined. This allows you to integrate with public clouds and other virtualization, and manage all dispersed appliances from a single interface. 

Lower your deployment costs and reduce ongoing maintenance and support costs.

Converged Infrastructure (CI) combines storage, networking and computation into a single box that is small, dynamic, and powerful. Because CI reduces the need for redundancy so well, maintenance and support costs are dramatically lessened. Your IT specialists don’t have as many repetitive tasks to perform to keep the system up and running. With CI, components are supplied by a single vendor or a vendor and its partner, so compatibility issues are eliminated.

Enjoy flexibility and retain your existing hardware investments.

Traditionally, datacenters implement three tier architecture which includes servers, storage and networking, sourced separately, often from different vendors. Although this architecture brings its own challenges, many organizations prefer to stick with this model. They are not tied to a single vendor and can upgrade one component while retaining others. 

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