Deploy our powerful single engine or all-in One Bundle which includes: DPI Firewall, IPS, VPN, Antivirus, Web Filtering, Web Application, HTTP(s) Content Scanning, Web Server Protection and Email Security that will secure your business from cyber threats

Protect your business from external website threats.

The browsing of external websites by your users can bring malware onto your IT infrastructure. The malware that is embedded in these website contents can bypass a dedicated or UTM web filtering module. The TG8 HTTP(s) Engine scans URLs that your users visit in real-time at unpresented performance to ensure that there is no malware embedded in these websites before your users view them. This engine is powered with the TG8 Antivirus Engine and will prevent the download of infected encrypted or decrypted files with viruses from the internet.

Control internet usage and enforce your security policies.

Apply a multilayer web filtering approach solution that combines a large URL categorization list and machine learning to manage internet access time and filter out unwanted website visits. The TG8 Application Control Engine enables you to easily block unwanted internet applications and enforce your security policy. The built-in Analytics and Report Module will give you summarized real-time or historical reports on Internet usage and activities.

Reduce the risk of cyber threats and maintain data confidentiality by applying VPN connections.

The TG8 VPN Engine provide your business with the most reliable and fast VPN connections on the market. You may connect your multiple sites using optimized TG8 VPN (site to site) Engine. This engine offers SSL or IPSec VPN connections, interoperability with other VPN vendors, SD-WAN upgradable, central software to manage and monitor all deployed devices. Your employees can use the TG8 VPN Engine (client to site) to securely and easy connect to your business servers at unparalleled speed.

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