Apply a multi-layer security approach covering Firewall, IPS, Server and storage security, Sandboxing, Threat Intelligence, Email Security Gateway and Web Application firewall to protect your datacenter from evolving cyber-attacks including, ransomware, malware, phishing and DoS/DDoS.

Secure your core network with a solution that goes beyond next-generation firewalls.

ToGrow offers network security solutions designed to meet the requirements of small to large scale datacenter networks. A deep packet inspection firewall combined with advanced IPS will provide your datacenter with the protection and performance you need. The deep packet inspection firewall is enhanced with firewall session intelligence to prevent DoS/DDOS attacks and extended with sandboxing to stop zero-day-attacks.

Protect your server and storage from the latest attacks and stay compliant by using consolidated security tools.

The very nature of today’s cyber threats make the typical endpoint solution inadequate for protection of your servers and storage. Use a consolidated approach to detect, protect and respond to modern threats using all the security tools that your servers and operating systems need. These tools will assist with keeping your business in compliance with industry security standards such as PC-DDS, HIPPA and others. The consolidated tools from Trend Micro cover Firewall, Intrusion Prevention, Vulnerability Scanning, Application Control, Integrity Monitory, Log Inspection, Anti-Malware, Behavioral Analysis and Machine Learning Virtual Patching and Sandbox Analytics.

Most attacks on your datacenter start with an email.

Protect your datacenter’s email servers from evolving threats by using the latest in email security gateways that will scan embedded URLs in order to prevent phishing attacks. Your email servers need advanced protection that includes: Reverse MX lookup, host address reputation and verification, domain-IP verification, content filtering and deep spam filtering.

Protect your datacenter’s web applications from web-based attacks.

Apply the latest in WAF applications which use deep packet inspection firewall technology featuring firewall session intelligence and advanced IPS engines. Protect your web application servers from DoS/DDoS, Advanced Persistent Intrusion and other web-based common attacks.

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