Protect your datacenter and networks from cyber-attacks, personalize customer services and simplify operation services.

Enhance your network security against the latest cyber-attacks deploying advanced cybersecurity gateway engines.

Boost your network security performance by implementing advanced cybersecurity gateway engines. Providing the highest performance on the market, gateway engines include- DPI firewall, IPS, antivirus gateway, VPN, application control, web filtering, HTTPs content scanning and email security and will intelligently protect your network with unprecedented performance at a lower cost.

Protect your servers and storage from cyber-attacks and gain visibility

Provide consolidated security software which is beyond the typical endpoint security software for your servers and storage. The consolidated modular software branded Deep Security from Trend Micro covers firewall, intrusion prevention, vulnerability scanning, application control, integrity monitoring, Log inspection, EDR, antimalware, behavioral analysis, sandbox analysis, virtual patching, and machine learning. The Deep Security software installed protects operating systems and applications regardless of their types and versions.

Offer your Internet subscribers safe surfing using a powerful web filtering engine.

Extend your Internet service to protect your Internet subscribers and their children from pornography and other Internet threats. Due to its parallel processing and multithreaded technology, TG8’s powerful web filtering engine amplifies your gateway with unprecedented performance while using minimal hardware at your datacenter in order to offer your service to millions of subscribers. TG8’s web filtering engine applies a combination of large categorization databases and machine learning techniques for better results.

Offer a cybersecurity gateway as a managed service to your customers by adopting TG8’s virtual context technology.

Let TG8’s virtual context technology extend your managed security services at a lower cost. Your customers can subscribe to advanced gateway engines which are built on the foundation of a deep packet inspection firewall technology. These engines are powered by parallel processing multithreaded technology to boost performance and require minimal hardware to install at your datacenter.

Backup your data with a powerful backup and DR platform and avoid data loss.

Simplify the operations of backup, replication, archiving and DR operations by using a single platform. The Commvault Data Protection platform is compatible with common operating systems, VM, storage and databases.

Improve your customer services by migrating to an omni-channel contact center platform.

Assist your customers and respond to inquiries not only by voice or face to face but also by enabling social media and chats. Automate simple customer conversation by using virtual assistance or chatbots. Your agent can handle the more complex issues that chatbots can’t solve using live chat from their home. Gain more visibility on your customer service by using dashboards or online historical reports and improve your services.

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