Stop cyber threats, digitize services, and streamline processes to reduce operating costs and improve citizen services.

Protect your networks from cyber threats by deploying an advanced cybersecurity gateway at a lower cost.

Install gateway engines built on deep packet firewall technology to keep malware, intrusion, ransomware, and other advanced attacks out of your institution’s network. Add a deep packet inspection firewall to your existing stateful or application firewall technology and achieve effective multilayer protection. Gateway engines with unprecedented performance cover-DPI firewall, IPS, VPN (site to site or client to site), antivirus gateway, application control, web filtering, HTTP(s) content scanning, email security and web server protection. The TG8’s DPI firewall technology requires less hardware specifications to reduce your initial and maintenance costs.

Protect against and trace active incidents across your endpoint devices by rolling the most effective and affordable endpoint security on the market.

Protect laptops, PCs and mobile from cyber-attacks by installing Trend Micro’s Endpoint Security. Apply security techniques and functions that will control devices, applications and provide anti malware and web reputation analysis, machine learning, and behavioral analysis. Enforce data external sharing by enabling DLP function. Trace incidents across endpoint devices and gain visibility by enabling an optional EDR license. All endpoints’ modules and functions are bundled in one light agent to maintain performance.

Simplify your data backup and disaster recovery operations using a single platform.

The Commvault data protection solution provides your institution with everything it needs to protect your datacenter’s contents, including backup, archiving, replication, disaster recovery and built-in ransomware protection, all using a single platform.

Automate and improve the process of daily public services by adopting an all-in-one customer service system.

Reduce queuing and improve citizens’ experiences by implementing a combination of integrated service software including: QMS, digital signage, reporting and analytics, mobile ticketing, customer survey and currency display. Supervisors can monitor and evaluate the performance of agents serving customers. Customers can have the option to use their mobile ticketing to find the closest and least bust branch to issue a virtual ticket to secure their place online. Data from all sites can be gathered and stored in a central database so that teams can analyze and monitor the customer services at sites.

Achieve high availability power protection and save money with a modular UPS system.

Deploy highly available and scalable 3/3 or 3/1 phase modular UPS solutions to protect your datacenter systems from power fluctuations while reducing initial and operational costs. Modular UPS systems provide full redundancy with minimal hardware and flexibility to expand.

Convert documents to e-documents and apply automatic indexing by implementing an easy-to-use document management system.

Automate the process of scanning your physical documents by automatically importing relevant fields from your core applications and indexing. Store and secure documents in a central database for easy search and retrieval by end users. Automate the document workflow and track access and modification.

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