Protect your students’ digital information and automate administrative and academic processes to improve the quality of education.

Protect your datacenter and edge network by implementing gateway engines that perform better and cost less.

Install an all-in-one or dedicated gateway engine to protect your servers and storage and edge network from the latest cyber-attacks. TG8 gateway engines provide security on network and data security layers with unprecedented performance. These engines include DPI firewall, IPS, VPN, antivirus gateway, application control, web filtering, email security, HTTPs content scanning and web server protection.

Protect your students and faculty from threats on the Internet by deploying web security engines.

Scan external website contents for malware while students and faculty are browsing the Internet by implementing HTTPs content scanning at the gateway level. Stop internet downloads of infected files using a fast and powerful antivirus gateway. Apply advanced web filtering supported with machine learning to enforce Internet usage policy.

Protect student data from disasters and ransomware by providing a backup and DR solution.

Backup or replicate your data and protect the backed-up data from ransomware attacks by using a simple yet powerful data protection platform.

Support your faculty and students by automating document and administration processes.

Automate departmental documents and processes by implementing simple and powerful software for workflow automation, digital forms, mobile apps and e-signatures and drive your education processes forward.

Protect your students and manage your bandwidth by applying application filtering.

Use a simple to configure engine to control access to unauthorized applications like gaming, P-2-P, streaming and bulk downloading to reduce strain on your bandwidth and keep in compliance with the law.

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