Protect your patients’ information and streamline processes to reduce operation costs and provide quality healthcare services.

Protect your healthcare agency’s core and edge networks from cyber-attacks by adopting all-in-one or dedicated gateway engines.

Implement gateway engines based on a deep packet inspection firewall (DPI) technology to secure your network and network edge from the latest cyber-attacks and facilitate your HIPPA compliance. According to your requirements, activate all-in-one gateway engines on a single device that will cover DPI firewall, IPS, VPN, antivirus gateway, application control, web filtering, https content scanning, email security and web server protection without compromising performance.

Protect your servers and endpoint devices by installing server and endpoint cybersecurity software.

Install consolidated cybersecurity tools to protect servers from advanced cyber threats and facilitate HIPPA compliance. Typical endpoint security is not adequate to protect your servers and storage from evolving cyber-attacks. The consolidated tools include Firewall, Intrusion Prevention, Vulnerability Scanning, Application Control, Integrity Monitoring, EDR, Log Inspection, Anti-Malware, Behavioral Analysis and Machine Learning, Virtual Patching and Sandbox Analytics. Roll out the most reputable endpoint security software that has a light footprint and is advanced enough to protect your endpoint devices.

Protect your patient data and ensure the continuity of your healthcare services by implementing the world’s finest backup and DR platform.

Backup your patient data, implement disaster recovery and protect your backup data from ransomware. The Commvault Data Protection system will provide you with all you need to backup, replicate, recover from a disaster, and protect your data in a single platform.

Provide your patients with an omni-channel call center and improve your service.

Empower your healthcare group by using a multi-channel call center that unifies all business communication channels - voice, chat, email, SMS, webchat and social media - within a dynamic and robust platform. Integrate with your healthcare database to allow your patients to request info or conduct transactions from the keypad of their mobiles.

Ensure timely service for your visitors and improve your patients’ experience by deploying integrated QMS and Digital Signage.

Streamline the process of patient services and broadcast informative media and texts on your TV/LED that can be installed in the waiting area. The integrated QMS and digital signage software is independent of hardware and can be installed on any Kiosk or PC. Monitor service status and waiting time and report historical data using a built-in easy to use analytic and reporting module.

Secure patient files and retrieve them instantly by implementing a document management system.

Convert physical documents to electronic and automatically index fields by importing from the core healthcare database. Physicians, nurses, and staff can search and retrieve documents from anywhere using their browsers or mobiles. Automate repetitive tasks, and the process of document flow using the built-in workflow engine. Secure documents by providing strong authentication requirements and enforcing permissions.

Speed up patient treatment and reduce operating costs by implementing e-forms and automation processes.

Eliminate papers and improve the healthcare service process. Create dynamic online forms that capture and submit data from anywhere you like. Build and customize forms in an easy and quick way with no coding required. Complete approval processes with an electronic signature to increase speed of patients’ treatments.

Prevent unauthorized access to sensitive drugs and provide safe storage temperatures by using European made certified thermostats-safes.

Keep narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances, and other drugs from being accessed by unauthorized personnel. These safes come with patented multi-layer protection walls with a reinforced 3 sided latch-locking system which protectes against drilling and knocking. Control the internal temperature to keep stored medicines safe by adjusting the theorematic module built-in to the chamber.

Support your healthcare services and reduce maintenance services by installing high grade medical furniture.

Purchase medical beds, medical tables and patient transportation carts that are modern, durable, and manufactured in Europe. Install double and triple section medical beds with advanced options. Select sizes, mattresses, functionality, and adjustment levels that meet your requirements. Keep your procedure tools free of infection by using special designed procedural and medical manipulation tables.

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