Rent out quality customer safe deposit lockers and increase customer loyalty by using our elegant European made safe deposit lockers.

Meet your customer's needs by deploying adaptable safe deposit lockers

Our easy to use and hard to tamper with European made and ECS certified safe deposit lockers are expandable and come in many sizes. Each locker comes with its own expandable table to ensure privacy. Easily fit lockers to your existing vault space or exchange them with other locations when the need arises.

Differentiate your services by installing lockers with biometric readers.

Resolve the maintenance issues and customer incurred costs related to key loss by using biometric hand scan entry readers on your safe deposit lockers.

Automate the process of leasing lockers to maximize your ROI.

TG-Locker, our central locker management software will automate the entire process of leasing locker space from initial application to approval and follow-up. This web-based application can be accessed from any browser and can be used to search for locker availability at any of your sites. Reports and analytics can be run to understand availability per site and size of locker. Plan your business progress by analyzing which sites and sizes are most in demand.

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