Provide safety and security for your valuable assets while avoiding threat risks by deploying our European made and certified fireproof cabinets, safes, and vault doors.

Safely store your documents in fireproof cabinets and avoid loss.

Use our European Certification Body Gmbh (ECS) certified fireproof cabinets to store and protect your hanging files from the risk of fire. These European manufactured cabinets are approved by insurance companies and will reduce your premiums. The floor based office version is made of a lightweight fireproof material in order to facilitate moving as needed and is elegant in appearance. Pick the lock type that meets your needs and enjoy the knowledge that your documents are safe and secure.

Enhance your credibility and prevent unauthorized access to your vault room.

Invest in European vault doors to keep intruders out of your vault room. Our space efficient vault doors with emergency windows have multiple bolts per side and top while each emergency window has 10 bolts to ensure security. Vault doors are made of a strong composite material that will stand up to drilling and the use of flame torches in attempts to breach the vault. All locks and keys are inspected by using the highest European safety standards.

Avoid risk by keeping your valuable assets in high quality safes.

Protect your cash, gold, data media and sensitive documents by using European certified (ECS) burglary and fireproof safes. Select from different types of safes to meet your specific needs, including single or double doors, different dimensions and safety grades. Locks and keys are tamper resistant and the composite materials withstand significant fire, drilling and other forced entry methods.

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