Save time and money processing, detecting, and sorting your cash by deploying the latest multi-purpose cash processing technology supported by the central cash management system.

Speed up counting and reduce downtime.

Deploy heavy duty vacuum machines that count cash in bundles, save space and reduce transportation costs. Reduce waiting time and Improve your customer’s experience. Maximize operational time and reduce maintenance visits. The machine may be placed on a table or by the counter. The spare parts for the compact counting machine are less expensive than those of the larger free-standing machines, which will save your business good money over the years.

Detect fake cash instantly and avoid unnecessary expenses.

Deploy detection machines that apply multiple recognition techniques that prevent advanced counterfeiting. Select two or three pocket detection machines to accommodate the required amount of cash. Machines have different speeds, so users can select the appropriate speed needed to accommodate banknote quality and reduce rejection and jamming. Capture currency serial numbers for reference. Purchase detection machines that are backed up by experienced engineers and a strong local partner for original machine validation and spare part availability.

Accelerate your cash sorting operations and meet task deadlines.

Reduce sorting errors and complete tasks on time as defined by the central bank requirements. Deploy multiple 3 pocket machines or bigger systems scaling up to 12 pockets to meet your cash center’s requirements. Improve your cash sorting process and follow system operating procedures and policies. Minimize technician’s visits by implementing cash sorting machines that are easy to use and simple to maintain. The combination of your employees’ skills, these reliable sorting machines and our quality support services will ensure that you succeed in your sorting operations.

Gain visibility over your cash processing and reduce manual tasks.

Gather and store information automatically about banknotes from your counting machines by processing them directly into a centralized database. Save on thermal printers and other consumables by not needing to print serial numbers daily. Enable site supervisors to monitor the amount and type of cash being processed in real time. Solve disputes with customers on the spot by searching for serial numbers, date, currency, and denomination directly from an Internet browser. Flag blacklisted banknotes and alert users throughout your branches when a bad banknote is processed. Analyze and generate historical reports about currencies, denominations, location, amounts, and serial numbers for further investigation and decisions.

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