Enhance the comfort and safety of your patients while generating positive outcomes. Improve your patients’ satisfaction levels and enhance your reputation by installing durable, safe, and elegant medical beds, procedural and manipulation tables, medical steel cabinets and thermostat-safes.

Support your healthcare services while reducing maintenance visits.

Install double and triple section medical beds, medical tables and patient transportation carts that are modern, durable, and manufactured in Europe. Select sizes, mattresses, functionality, advanced options and adjustment levels that meet your requirements. Keep your procedure tools free of infection by using specially designed medical procedure tables.

Keep medical storage secure and hygienically safe.

Store your medicines and other medical items in durable and hygienically safes with different types of steel cabinets that meet your needs. Types of cabinets available are single, double sided, single with frame, double sided with frame, and household (locker). Also available are medical first aid kits, and moveable medical pedestals. All cabinets are hygienically safe and corrosion resistant.

Prevent sensitive drugs from unauthorized access while maintaining safe temperatures.

Prevent unauthorized access to narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances, and other drugs by storing them in burglary resistant thermostatically controlled-safes manufactured in Europe per proven international standards. These safes come with a patented multi-layer protection wall with a reinforced 3 sided latch-locking system, protecting against drilling and knocking. The safes come with a thermostatic module built into the chamber to control the temperature, and can have camera lighting and emergency alarms added in.

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