Modernize your bank payment system by implementing multichannel backend transaction solutions, smart card personalization systems and payment gateways.

Control your payment system and differentiate your bank.

Offer your customers customized banking services by implementing bank payment switching with multichannel capabilities that can interface with ATMs, POS, Mobile, Voice and Internet. Integrate with the national switching system for all transactions to be initiated and accepted by different parties. Provide secure authentication methods with combined HSM, firewall technology and encryption to comply with PC-DDS standards. Validate the legality of a transaction by inspecting items on the check or on the cards. Monitor and query current or historical transactions and the working status of all connected ATMs, POS and Self-service terminals.

Personalize your credit and debit cards and create customer loyalty.

Customize your identity and image on credit/debit cards to create a long lasting bond with your customers. Allow your customers to create an emotional attachment with their card, which will raise transaction volume.

Reduce card PIN fraud cases and avoid related losses.

Reduce the risk of fraud by implementing EMV card technology to secure online and offline transactions for your customers. Unlike traditional magnetic stripe the EMV card technology prevents copying the card PIN using a card reader. Empowers customers to issue chip-based cards centrally, at distributed locations or at the branches for various purposes from EMV chip-based banking cards to loyalty and biometric purpose. Adapt to latest EMV and PCI requirements and Issue cards based on various perso printers, different cards, and schemes.

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