Empower your workforce with a multi-channel call center that unifies all business communication channels - voice, email, SMS, webchat and social media - within a dynamic and robust platform.

Redefine customer experience and provide services like never before.

Change the way your business functions and accelerate growth by implementing Omini-Channel’s advanced inbound call center software. Engage with your customer via their preferred method - voice, social media, SMS or email. Handle high call volume with minimum resources by using intelligent IVR which is compliant to PCI-DDS. Route calls to the most appropriate agent by applying Automatic Call Distribution (ACD). Record incoming calls to optimize call quality and comply with industry standards. Intelligently analyze the nature and priority of the call and route it the right destination - IVR, voice mail, live agent and more. Rate the experience of your customer at the end of every interaction with your agents.

Generate quality leads and increase sales.

Dedicate your agents to key tasks and achieve better outcomes by applying the advanced outbound call center software. Maximize leads in minimum time by automatically making multiple calls at one time. Ensure that your customers’ card payment data and other confidential data is always secure and compliant with the PC-DDS standards. Capture the attention of your audience by sending pre-recorded message to multiple recipients at once and drive sales to the next level.

Increase your agent efficiency and foster customer loyalty.

Make customer‘s relevant information available to your agents before they get involved in the conversation by using CTI Screen POP-UPS. This, in turn, will result in quick resolutions of all queries. Integrate with core business applications so that your customers to conduct certain business transactions from their phones. Enable your agents to get relevant support, marketing, and sales information from a single screen by integrating with your CRM and helpdesk applications.

Make better decisions and improve your call center operation.

Empower supervisors and managers by providing reports and analytics that evaluate their team’s performance and guide their agents toward first call resolution and reduce agent handling time. Extract reports from all conversations and provide them on dashboards for faster analysis and execution. Get an overview of all the operations and marketing campaigns to assist in making better decisions. Commit your agents to answer a set number of calls in a specific period by tracking call SLA and other metrics.

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