Enhance your customer’s experience and improve your performance by deploying an all-in-one customer service system, TG Next, which includes: QMS, digital signage, analytics and reporting, customer feedback, SMS and mobile ticketing.

Reduce initial and maintenance costs

Reduce your initial and on-going maintenance costs 

Deploy the all-in-one customer service system, TG Next, to reduce hardware components and increase uptime. All system components including QMS, digital signage, customer feedback, SMS and mobile ticking are installed on the same Kiosk built-in PC. This reduces hardware costs and minimizes maintenance related costs. Put your system into production in less time by using its pre-configured software. Install all the TG Next components on your own existing Kiosk hardware or deploy our quality customized kiosk hardware that comes with high specifications.

Optimize your service processes and improve your customer’s service experiences.

Help your agents minimize crowding and to maintain social distancing among customers. Create comfortable waiting areas and reduce wait times. Entertain customers who are waiting to be served and advertise your marketing contents using TG Next’s integrated digital signage.

Evaluate customer experience and identify bottlenecks.

Let site managers view on-time reports to view the current status of agent services and number of customers being served. Generate historical reports in a logical and easy to use interface in order to evaluate agents’ performance, customer average waiting time, service duration and other customer service metrics.

Flexible licensing reduces your annual costs

Acquire the license for only the module you currently need and add other module licenses as needed in the future. Pay for the software license one time and subscribe for annual updates and services as a small percentage of the total license price.

Increase customer interaction and feedback

Offer customers the option to use their mobile devices to remotely view the closest site to their locations and the queuing status for each. Customers can reserve a virtual ticket directly from their mobile devices at their preferred sites. Evaluate customer satisfaction and services per site or per agent by using the customer feedback module.

Evaluate overall site services and plan for expansion

Automatically, consolidate data from all sites into a centralized database. Have executives and key managers view the current status of all branches or generate historical reports in order to evaluate the customer waiting time and the capacity at each site. Aggregate data for service completed from all agents and improve performance. Monitor system health status at all sites from one screen to reduce downtime and ensure the utilization of the system.

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