Protect your documents while saving time and money by using the latest software for document scanning, indexing, accessing, workflow and reporting.

Save time and resource use during the process of physical document archival.

Document Imaging software simplifies the document scanning process. It auto-identifies and auto-classifies documents. This means that it can understand different types of documents or a group of related documents and then sort, process and route without any human intervention. The world-class OCR software reads text and turns a document from a graphic document into a fully-text-searchable one. The intelligent built-in process enables more processing efficiency and reduces overhead.

Eliminate manual indexing and reduce human errors.

Document Scanning Software provides intelligent indexing. By instructing it to read a number or barcode wherever it exists on the document you can immediately add it to your database. The software performs a lookup and indexes relevant fields from other business systems such as your core banking system, CRM, ERP, and others. Intelligent Indexing eliminates the most time-intensive step in scanning your business documents and does it with higher accuracy.

Secure your documents and streamline your business processes.

Control and track which users can access, change, and share company documents. Eliminate repetitive processes via a powerful workflow engine. Integrate with your existing third-party business software to automate workflows and eliminate data entry. Enforce permissions and enable access of documents from anywhere at any time.

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